Becoming a Brazilian Real Estate Agent

Becoming a Brazilian Real Estate Agent

Becoming a Brazilian Real Estate Agent – If you have experience in sales and speak well bot Portuguese and English, then you may have the qualifications of becoming a Brazilian real estate agent.  Brazil is one of the most developed countries in Latin America, and with case law.

becoming a realtor in brazilThey don’t call it a license, but an official registry and required for becoming a realor in Brazil.  Within the article: How to Become a Realtor in Brazil, Rebeca Duran,Staff Writer, The Brazil Business, Updated,

CRECI doesn’t offer any courses, but a lot of others institutions do. The courses can be developed in person or at distance. To guarantee the validity and quality of the chosen course it is recommended a verification: if it is regularized by CRECI and if it is recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). The duration and the cost of the course or degree depends on the chosen institution.

To be registered in a Real Estate Transactions technical course or in a Technology Management of Real Estate Business degree, the following documents must be presented in the course institution:  Read More



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