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Studies show temporary lodging is necessary for effective company policy

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Offering a temporary housing option for corporations is essential for company policy. This provides employees with a place to stay while they are working in a new city, state, or country. Hotels often offer extended-stay packages and this is a traditional standard, but corporate housing has become more popular in recent years.

When to consider corporate housing

When considering whether to offer a corporate housing option for your employees, think about the age group of each worker. There are typically three different types of age groups for workers are the corporate level:

  • Baby Boomer
  • Gen X
  • Millennials

Baby Boomers tend to have an ambitious attitude and expect good service everywhere they go. Generation X possesses some knowledge or awareness of technology, think globally, and expect professional accommodations. Lastly, the millennials live completely online and are highly social. They live in a technology-dominated world and expect the best service.

Consider what kind of workers live and thrive at your corporation and then decide which option would best fit their needs.

 Why choose corporate housing?

There are many reasons why travelers should choose corporate housing over a hotel stay. Even pre-stay, both the booking and arrival is more accommodating to travelers in temporary or corporate housing options. Corporate housing offers experts who assist travelers to make sure all their needs are met. This usually includes welcome packages and information about the surrounding areas.

During the stay, corporate housing offers fully furnished apartment homes which are usually 3-4 times larger than hotel rooms. Additionally, the traveler has access to all of the corporate housing amenities which includes community features like sport courts, swimming pools, or gyms.

Post-stay, corporate housing options offer direct feedback services for improving the company while hotels only offer an online review service. Corporate housing companies ensure that travelers are comfortable during their stay.

Avoid hidden fees

The use of corporate housing allows companies to avoid hidden hotel or resort fees. Extended-stay hotels often charge more for extended reservations, but corporate housing companies are much more lenient and understand the importance of getting work done in a timely manner. This will give the tenants peace of mind while they are trying to complete a project or work abroad.

Additionally, corporate housing rental services include utilities as a part of the rent and do not charge the tenant an additional fee for the use of amenities. These is usually a full kitchen along with a washer and dryer in-suite, which reduces the cost of paying for meals and dry cleaning. Providing these amenities increases overall mental and physical health and allows for employees to have all of the comforts of home during their extended stay.